• The Hotels are out of the City, near the sea side
  • There is no any city center arround the Hotels and all other Hotels are closed.
  • Hotel reception has Thermal Camera and they are taking automaticly temperature all day.
  • Hotels are only for cycling teams, there is no to much tourist.
  • Hotels have Covid-19 certificate.
  • We will give mask and disinfectant liqued to all team members.
  • In an open space if it is possible keep distance 1.5 meters from others, there is no obligation of wearing masks.
  • The new applications are currently experiencing normal life in Turkey. We try to overcome this problem with masks, distance and hygiene rules. There are no other restrictions other than this.
  • Reduce contacts with other people in the hotel hold, training or in public places.
  • Increase hand hygiene(washing with warm water and soap)
  • In case of symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, sneezing, cough, runny nose, difficulty breathing or other), immediately put a mask over your mouth and nose, avoid contact with other people, and call the epidemiologist of the institute or public health institute responsible for the area in which you reside. You will receive instructions from the epidemiologist on further procedure.